понедельник, 20 февраля 2012 г.

Futanary girls domination

Domination of the girl at competitions on rope pulling ha-ha-ha! Boys even don't have chances! Boys weaken and weaken and the girl all becomes stronger and more! She will show to boys at whom big muscles, the present man's muscles!!! Aha boys, are frightened!? 

суббота, 4 декабря 2010 г.


(Line Art)

After summer vacations of the girl and boys meet at school. After summer of the girl have strongly grown and became considerably above. In comparison with them, boys look kids.

пятница, 2 июля 2010 г.


When it has changed clothes in an easy suit for fencing I has understood, why she always won me and other guys this hall. Its muscles were full of force and elasticity. They were inflated and rolled under a suntanned skin and were very blown up and big. Its bicepses bulked up at each movement and rose.
It was stronger, stronger than all of us and it very much was pleasant to it. To it was only 18 years, but its muscles have grown so strongly that we trembled before it and were confused. She enjoyed the force and played with us as with kittens. Oh my God! As it was pleasant to me!